Werewolf of Steel

Werewolf of Steel

Taken from the new album “Back From The Grave”, lead single “Werewolf of Steel”, out May 1st, 2020, is a tremendous example of the band’s ability to draw even casual listeners in with its simple yet effective song structure, memorable melodies and sing along-chorus. The lyric video, produced by Holmstrand Design, builds upon those traits and further emphasizes the tongue-in-cheek feeling of the song.

With music and lyrics by Mathias Wallin, the track was recorded at Studio Seven Sweden in Örebro by Ronny Milianowicz. “The music practically wrote itself after one night of messing around with the guitar and coming up with the main melody”, says Mathias. “The lyrics were a different story though. I messed around with a lot of ideas for the chorus hook, and after humming about a hundred different versions of ‘Something Something of Steel’, I finally gave in to the inherit corniness of writing about that subject and came up with the ‘Werewolf of Steel’. It’s not that far-fetched, since our vocalist David is an avid fan of wolves, preferably those that howl at the moon. From there on, it was only a matter of speculating about what motivates such a creature, where is he from, and so on”.

Vocalist David Johagen is of a different opinion. “For me, ‘Werewolf Of Steel’ is a highly political song about the emancipation of the feral species, specifically those from hell. I wanted to convey that their struggle is real, and I hope you can hear that in my voice.” Guitarist Pär-Olof Persson declares: “I think ‘Werewolf Of Steel’ is a perfect introduction to the new album and our musical development during the six-year hiatus since our last record. By the way, if you’re gonna get your face ripped off by a werewolf, wouldn’t you prefer it done by a charming one?”.

“Werewolf Of Steel” is available for streaming and digital download at all major digital services from May 1st, 2020.

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