Embrace the Darkness

Enter the Realm of Carnal Agony

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Carnal Agony – Swedish Melodic Heavy Metal

Forged in the frozen fires of northern Sweden, Carnal Agony is the monstrous offspring of Judas Priest and hitmaker Desmond Child’s unholy alliance. With their razor-sharp riffs and infectious pop hooks, this sinister ensemble of leather-clad metal maniacs prowls the twilight realm where horror and hard-hitting music collide.

If you like your melodic metal spiced up with a touch of pop, and at the same time are a horror movie enthusiast, you should take a dance with ”Back From The Grave” in the hot summer night.

Peter Johansson, Rocknytt

Carnal Agony delivers a lethal concoction of searing metal energy, irresistible pop melodies, and deviously twisted lyrics that pay homage to the greats of classical horror. Their sinister charm and unrelenting intensity are fueled by a burning passion for carrying the torch of their metal forefathers into a new era.

The instrumentation, lyricism, and composition of the album is something incredible, something which invokes inspiration as much as it does headbanging…

Quinten Serna, Metal Temple

Prepare to be entranced by the magnetic allure of Carnal Agony as they unleash their spine-chilling, pulse-pounding anthems upon an unsuspecting world. Embrace the darkness and join the legion of fans who have already succumbed to the mesmerizing force of this unstoppable metal juggernaut.

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